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My working knowledge includes:
• Design in Entertainment, Publishing, Small Business, etc.

• Print and Web Graphic Design

• Photo-Manipulation/Photo-Retouching

• Mac and Windows Based platforms

• Project Management
• Pre and Post Press Workflow
• Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator,

   Bridge, Dreamweaver, Acrobat)
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)


My name is LEAH KAYE and I am a graphic designer.          


WHY CHOOSE ME? With 15+ years experience in the design industry and a background in customer service, technical support, and administration, I have the knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life - from conception to post-press.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: Originally from Central Florida, I have lived throughout the Southeast all of my life. I enjoy spending time with my min pin, family and friends - both local and out-of-state. Since obtaining a second degree I have been searching for the right career opportunity while pursuing freelance projects. I am prepared and excited to follow wherever my talents lead, including relocating.

WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO: I have a naturally artistic spirit and have been involved in creative activities throughout my life (painting, drawing, photography, wood working, crafts, etc.). Mix that with a love of computers and it makes sense that I would gravitate toward a career in graphic design. I chose to focus specifically on print design because I love books and the printing process in its entirety.

WHERE I RECEIVED MY EDUCATION: I attended Valencia College in Orlando, FL (2002-2004), graduating with an Associate in Science degree with a Graphic Design major. Directly after I began working with various publishers, printers, newspapers, design agencies, in corporate environments and as a freelance designer. In August 2009 I started Middle Tennessee State University full-time and graduated in May 2012 with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree (Major: Graphic Design, Minor: BookArts/Letterpress).

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